Meridian Tapping Therapy

Meridian Tapping Therapy is a modern method that is used to reduce stress, help reduce anxiety, relieve phobias, and improve various health conditions including pain.  It is perfect to use after an earthquake or other disaster.  Tapping Therapy works with the same system as acupuncture, except that no needles are needed.  The points are stimulated through the action of your finger tapping on the point.

The meridian lines that have been mapped by the Chinese dating back more than 4,000 years ago follow the body’s energy flow.  When there is a disruption in this flow, a person can have negative emotions, stress, and physical symptoms.  Tapping helps bring the body back into balance.  The nice thing about using your fingertips to stimulate the points is that needles are not needed, and it does not need the kind of precision as the needle version.  The points are easy to learn, as you can see from the diagrams below.

After an earthquake there are not just aftershocks in the earth, but there are emotional aftershocks that result from the earthquake.  If you use tapping therapy you can relieve a lot of stress by tapping on the points to balance the body’s energy flow and meridians and help ease both your physical as well as emotional symptoms.

A friend who is a psychologist and who uses tapping in his practice told me that when his daughter was in a bomb attack in Indonesia, she used tapping to restore herself after the crisis, and it made a long term difference for her.  Tapping has been used in earthquake and disaster areas all over the world, and it has made a huge difference for many people.  Tapping can also help rescue staff, doctors, nurses, police and firemen to help restore themselves and reduce feelings of overwhelm and fatigue.  It is recommended that people under stress or who feel overwhelmed do as much tapping as they can in a day.

Basic tapping instructions follow.  In the meantime, I hope this finds you in a safe place, with some time to tap.

The tapping points are:

1.  top of the head
2.  beginning of the eyebrows
3.  at the end of the eyebrow around to the side of the head
4.  under the eye, on the bone
5.  under the nose
6.  under the lip
7.  On the collarbone, about one inch (2.5 cm) to the side from
the bony “V” at the base of the neck
8.  Under the arm
9.  On the side of the hand at the middle of the palm

Map of Tapping Points

Meridian Tapping Map

Hand sites: These are useful when in public and tapping is not convenient or would look strange.  See the map below.

How do you tap?

With enough energy to feel it, but not so much that it hurts.  Tapping should be gentle.

How many times?

Seven to ten times on each point.  Most people start on the hand or the top of the head.

Do I need to do anything else?

The perfect time to tap is when you are feeling anxious or stressed.  It helps if you can tell your story to someone who is willing to watch you tap!  Or you can do tapping on the hands under the table or behind your back.

There are more complicated therapeutic forms of this therapy, but the simplest is just to talk about what is on your mind and tap.  You can tap about anything at any time, even waiting at a stoplight.  And there is a beneficial effect even if you just tap while watching television or while talking on the phone.

One good thing is that if you can’t tap on these points, you can also tap on the points on your hands.

Meridian Tapping Hand Map

Meridian Tapping Hand Map

Finding the points on the hand
The points are on the lower edge of the fingernails towards the outside of the hand.  The only exception is the middle finger, where the meridian point is at the tip of the finger.  You can tap, or just squeeze the point.  These are good points to work on if you are in a meeting and feeling stressed.

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