Stress Relief

This site is dedicated to all those who have had the experience of being in an earthquake, or who work in earthquake relief.

An earthquake is a scary thing.  You may have been in the disaster area, or you may have been involved in relief work, or you may have friends and loved ones who have gone through an earthquake.  Or you simply may have seen an overwhelming amount of footage on the television news that has left you feeling anxious.

If you are having a severe reaction or continuing issues, do go see a psychiatrist or psychologist trained in helping people get through the aftermath of the disaster.  But if you are just trying to reduce some of the stress you feel, keep calm,  and are not severely affected, this site will give you some resources to help relieve your stress.

There are various ways to lower the stress you may be feeling.  If you look up at the menu bar at the top of the page, you will find a tab for Meridian Tapping Therapy.  It is perhaps the single most effective therapy that is simple and easy to use in a disaster situation.

This site is new, and we will be adding things in the coming days.  Meanwhile, I hope that you will find some relief here.




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